laura (seatbeltdrivein) wrote,

FIC: Feathers [RoyEd, R]

Annnnd here's part two of rueme's requests.

Title: Feathers
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): RoyEd, Ling
Word Count: 470
Summary: Ed, Roy, a vacation in Xing, and an herb legal only in the country where pretty much everything is legal. You do the math.
Warnings: Drug use, sex, everything is better with the Esteemed Emperor Ling
Notes: For rueme, who prompted me with Roy/Ed and the song "Feathers" by the kidneythieves on a recent meme. This one was pretty challenging, actually. The song itself isn't very, ah, coherent.

So I take my lot of a few feathers from the sky
Into a ritual and let my spirit fly
Wake up, is this a dream of a dream of a dream?
Simple pleasures
Falling feathers
Skating on this machine
Alone between my trip and me.
What is real today?

One hand fumbling back, Ed kept Roy lined up, fingers skirting along the underside of Roy's cock as he sank down. It was almost funny, in a jarring way, to see Roy still holding the pipe to his mouth, gasping out a cloud of heavy smoke, the load of it floating right up into Ed's face. He inhaled a little harder, dropping down and down and down until he was as full as he could manage, thighs tense, sweat gathering on his forehead, and the faint light from the paper lanterns spilling over them both like a wave.

With his free hand, Roy gripped Ed's hip, holding him, them, steady, his eyes falling shut and his mouth falling open and the world breaking straight down the middle, a clean split.

Ed could feel his mouth forming Roy's name even as his eyes went so crossed that vision just ceased to be, all the senses heightening and ceasing and jumping from one extreme to another, his entire body alight with it.

Pushing up, off, Ed rocked his hips, moving in an endless, gentle grind. Roy's hand gripped tighter.

The pipe, unnoticed, fell to the side, lost in the steadily growing frenzy.


Ed opened his eyes the next morning to a whole lot of light and a whole lot of soreness. He rolled onto his side – and became distinctly aware of his own nudity. Roy was on the floor, too, naked and sprawled out three feet to the left of their bedroll.

And sitting on the bed, looking about as pleased as humanly possible, the great emperor of Xing watched them both, a catlike grin holding court on his narrow face.

He would have cursed. Would probably have leapt to his feet and gone upside the shitty bastard's head, but Ed found himself weighed down by an overwhelming sluggishness. The best he could do was flail his leg out and nudge Roy, who didn't seem overly bothered. He just snorted and rolled away.

"Asshole," Ed said, glaring up at the emperor, his face still plastered to the thin pillow.

"You have no reason to be so ungrateful," Ling said. "Did I not give you a lovely evening? That herb is specially produced by my royal apothecary."

"You better not have been here the whole time," Ed growled. "I'd never have taken that damn pipe if I knew you were gonna play voyeur!"

"I wouldn't imagine." Ling examined his nails, looking utterly unconcerned. "I arrived ten minutes after the, how should I say, fucking. You could have waited for me." He sounded disappointed.

Ed let out an incoherent shriek, stifled only by the haste with which he buried his face in his pillow.

It was official. He was never letting Roy talk him into vacation in Xing again – ever.

Tags: fandom: fma, my fic, pairing: roy/ed, rating: r
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